SE1-A01 Lunch Box

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Type: Accessories
Model: SE1-A01 Lunch Box


Plastic Lunch Box Meal Tray


The box is made of PP with rounded corners.

The lunch box can be used by children or adults, being free of any toxic chemicals.

The lunch box is sturdy enough for daily use by kids.

It can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

The lunch box is most suitable for food like sandwiches, snacks and assorted rice dishes.

Polypropylene is the economical, durable choice with GOOD CHEMICAL RESISTANCE and a temperature range of 30? to 180?F. Handwashing recommended.



Plastic Lunch Box Meal Tray


Lunch Box Dimensions:

Large: 285*210*44mm

Medium: 210*190*44mm

Small: 210*143*44mm

Base Color: Red

Materials: PP.

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