SE3-A500 Ice Pack

Products Introduction

Type: Accessories
Model: SE3-A500 Ice Pack


Solidity strength: Free from any damage when falling from 2m height when frozen, and is able to pass any leakage test after melting.

Leakage test: Leakage-free under 80Kg external force application.

Freezing features: The maximum box thickness is no more than that under unfrozen status by 9% when frozen into solid.

The product is energy saving and environmental protection, it can be injected water or gel cooling liquids.

0°C, -10°C,-18°C Ice pack are available.




Ice pack can keep vaccines, blood bags, medicines and biological product at the low temperatures for long periods, and it used in the related use, such as food and drinks.

Overall Dimension: (210×145×25)mm

Weight: 500g

Material: PE

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